Top 5 Best Christmas foods for family and guests

Top 5 Best Christmas foods for family and guests

Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Let the Jingle bell ring.

Christmas is in exactly 14 days i.e two weeks from today.

For the party people and fun people. The thoughts pumping in your head will be how do I keep my guests entertained and happy whenever they come to my house?

We all know that Christmas is the time of the year when a family has the most chance of being at home. It is also the time when guests flock in and flock out depending on the type of household.

So, if that question of “what type of foods will I serve my guest this Christmas?” If in your mind, you are in the right space. 

P.S this is for a typical Nigerian home setting.

Food 5, 

Puff Puff Alata, Egg buns, pancakes, and other floury snacks.

The aim of having everyone happy during Christmas is to make sure something is in your mouth as much as they can and want to. The smell of the frying will definitely bring a Christmas vibe whether they are just entering the house or waking up early in the morning to that smell. 

Food 4, 

Salad bowl or Fruit Basket. 

In addition to making people munch things, some people are actually fruit lovers and healthy eaters. Even if, they might not be… it is your responsibility as the host to put your family and guest on a fruit plan or give them the option to stay healthy during Christmas.

It will be a subtle reminder that the new year has to be all about taking care of your body by eating healthy foods. 

Food 3, 

Egusi Soup, Afang Soup, and Other Special Soup based on Family Tradition. 

You should take note that the holiday period is not about Christmas and New Year alone, it is about the days in between those special days as well. 

Except you are in for different special dishes per day during the season which can be highly recommended (just make sure to send us your address to be your guest one of these days)

If not, 

The soup should be in surplus for the other swallows and normal dishes you would make for other days in the holiday. 

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Food 2, 

Pounded Yam.

Meaning: Pounded yam is a dish made out of pounding yam

Use: To eat graciously with Efo Riro, Egusi, or any other special cooked soup and then have a great sound and sleep a little later. 

Pros: With the rightly made pounded yam, you will yearn for more

Cons: None

This dish always wants to be the spotlight of every household but we can’t award it number 1 based on households’ opinions and personal preferences. 

Number 1, 

Jollof Rice and Fried Rice, 

As a Nigerian in the Christmas period, except if you have a medical condition where you cannot eat rice in general, you can never reject Christmas Jollof or Fried rice.

This is the most made Nigerian delicacy during the holiday period 

It is also the most prepared dish in Nigerian houses during the Christmas period. 

It will be a shock to come into a Nigerian household during the holidays and not find at least Jollof rice. 

Hope this list has done justice to your plan to have a great Christmas with family and friends. 

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Have a great holiday!


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