How to Effectively fast this January

How to Effectively fast this January

Congratulations! You got to day 14!
That’s an amazing one. You are definitely doing well with this year’s resolution to live the best life possible. On to how to effectively fast this January.

How to effectively fast this January.

People fast for many reasons; health reasons, fitness reasons, social reasons, religious reasons, and so many more.

But there are two major reasons why most people will fast early this year, especially in Nigeria.

  1. Spiritual
  2. Fitness

If you have gotten this far consistently for either of them, well done!

There are three major things to keep in mind for effective spiritual fasting

  • Fasting is not about DEPRIVING yourself of food only
  • It is about depriving yourself of things that may distract you from being a better Christian. Which can be movies, sports, games, social media, etc. Fasting is working on things together with God in making sure your relationship for 2023 with God is more solid than it was in the year 2022.
  • Have a TIME plan – Based on what your body can take or your body condition (for example pregnant women), pick a break – fast time that is suitable that makes sure that you remain healthy at all times. Also, picking a specific time would greatly help in being consistent till the very last day of fasting, i.e. 12 noon, 2pm, 5pm.
  • Have a FOOD-FAST plan – What do you intend to break your fast with in order to gain back the lost nutrients (especially for those with very busy and hectic schedules in need of lot of energy)?
  1. Did you know that bananas are a good source of energy? You should consider this especially of on an intermittent fast. In general, you can never go wrong with a great variety of fruits.
  2. Drink a lot of water!
  3. Don’t overeat. The mistake a lot of people make after breaking a fast is eating voraciously to fill up their tummy after a fast. This is not particularly safe. Instead, eat the normal amount of rice or beans you would eat on a normal day.
  4. Rest. You need to make use of the energy you have in your body judiciously for the next fasting day. Learn to have time to rest.

17 more days to the end of fasting in January!
We hope that your prayers and hopes are answered right when you need them and as fast as possible.
God will be with you all through this year, guiding and leading you.
Enjoy the rest of your month!!!

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Don’t forget to also shop for all your fruits and veggies needs at home during this fasting period.

Have a great weekend!


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