4 Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle Without Diseases

4 Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle Without Diseases

Did you know that high blood pressure and heart attack do not only affect old people as is popularly known?

Over the years, the rate at which younger people have been diagnosed with these diseases has increased drastically. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016, revealed that in Nigeria, noncommunicable diseases were estimated to account for 29% of all deaths, of which cardiovascular diseases contributed 11%.

Cardiovascular diseases which are on the increase over the past 20 years in Nigeria include hypertension, heart failure, and stroke.

And one major conclusion is that these diseases boil down to a balanced diet and healthy living deficiency.

Here are some tips to avoid the early onset of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

1. Have a weekly fruit plan such as getting apples, berries, spinach, etc

2. After checking your body type, have a plan that includes plenty of protein (e.g beans, eggs) and carbohydrates (e.g rice, spaghetti). Don’t forget to also drink water!

3. Have an exercise plan. Exercise is not for those losing weight only, it’s for everyone, thin, fat, young, and old. 

4. Have something that helps you psychologically. A happy mind is a healthy body. 

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