75k Monthly Subscription Package


75k Monthly Subscription Package

75,000.00 / month

75k subscription package contains:

Whole chicken 2.5kg
Tomato 2½ buckets
Rodo 1 bucket
Tatashe 1 bucket
Onion 2 buckets
Spice supreme Curry
Spice supreme Thyme
Spaghetti 5pcs
Rice 5kg
Yam 2 big
Garri 1 bucket
Palmoil 5l
Vegetable oil 5l
Knorr beef 1 pack
Knorr chicken 1 pack
Ugu 2 bunches
Egusi 1 derica
Okro 300
Stockfish flakes 2
Panla 2000
Semolina 2kg
Dry fish 3000
Beef 1kg
Ponmo 3pcs
Nasco cornflakes 350g
Peak milk 360g
Milo 400g
Dangote sugar 1kg



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