25k Monthly Subscription Package


25k Monthly Subscription Package

25,000.00 / month

25k subscription package contains:

Chicken 1kg
Tomato 1 bucket
Rodo ½ bucket
Tatashe ½ bucket
Onion ½ bucket
Curry 300
Thyme 300
Spaghetti 2pcs
Rice 1 bucket
Yam 1 small tuber
Garri 1 bucket
Palmoil 1 bottle
Vegetable oil 1l
Knorr beef 1 pack
Knorr chicken 1 pack
Ugu 1 bunch
Egusi ½ derica
Okro 1 portion
Stockfish 1
Smoked panla 1 portion
Semolina 1kg
Ponmo 3pcs



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